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Project: Form Collaborations with Other Spaces


Project: Form Collaborations with Other Spaces

Description: Spaces like yours often share goals and purposes with other organizations and similar spaces.  Chances are there is already collaboration between such spaces and associations already exist to support you and other such places.  Get out there and get to know these people and connect and collaborate.  With shared goals, you can also share efforts and help each other out, exchange ideas, solutions, etc.

For example, hackerspaces form a worldwide community (see

Find your local non-profit center / similar associations
Role who does itPublicity group, Governing Board and anyone with connections.
DescriptionGet to know organizations like yours and their support associations.  It will be critical to find potential collaborations and be part of their support network.  The idea is have strength in numbers and like organizations that you may share advice, solutions, ideas and support.
Estimated TimeA few days.
Level of EffortEasy to medium.
Go on a tour
Role who does itAnyone with wanderlust and curiosity.

Go out and visit other places like yours.  Get to know them, how they do things and what projects they are working on.  Often times, you can find an idea, solution or collaboration for your home space by just meeting people as well as getting your name out.  It’s just a matter of being friendly and sharing stories.  Often times, it’s a fun way to travel and make new friends.

Likewise, invite other people to come visit your space if they are passing through, starting up a similar space of their own or looking for a collaboration partner.  

You never know who you might meet!
Estimated Time1 week
Level of EffortEasy to Medium
Form collaborations
Role who does itAnyone who has a mind for partnership.

If you or someone else needs help or has something to offer, a collaboration can exist.  It is just a matter of making the connection and keeping it going.  Keep the communication open, make it mutually beneficial and helpful and you’ll have good loyal partners and collaborators.

Estimated Time1 to 2 weeks
Level of EffortMedium depending on the collaboration.


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