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Project: Community Building


Project: Community Building

Description: As you did with your community research to figure out where to establish yourselves, how to coordinate your publicity efforts and connect to the local community, keep advancing the work.  Your connections to the community mean potential members, contributors and supporters.  Keeping a good and growing relationship with them will determine the longevity of your space.

Draft a meetup standard guide for your space
Role who does itEveryone with the Publicity Officer and publicity group and the Governing Board

As before with the section on ‘Launch > Project: Scheduling Public Access’, mature the etiquette you developed for public access into some solid standards to when it is a good time for public meetups to occur in your space and what the expected conduct is.

As with before, this will go a long way to keeping your internal community and connections to the external community healthy.
Estimated Time1 week.
Level of EffortFollowing what you have matured from the public access etiquette, this ought to be easy.
Write the tour-guide script
Role who does itEveryone with the publicity team.
DescriptionWrite a list of highlights and cues to hit for anyone who wants to give a tour.  Mark out things in your space, projects to notice, other things that people would like to know about.  Be open and invite the public’s curiosity and tell them what you are about and what is going on.
Estimated Time1 week
Level of EffortEasy if you guys have been trucking along and making things happen, then you have a lot to talk about and the public has a lot to ask you.
Contact neighborhood association & neighbors
Role who does itPublicity Officer, group and Governing Board

Be good neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.  Connecting with who your neighbors are and who runs the neighborhood association grows relationships that can be handy for getting in the good graces the neighborhood.  

If they have a neighborhood event, you can gain publicity through that.  It is also easier to invite the neighborhood to your own events.  If there is a conflict and there is need to resolve it with the neighbors and/or their association, having established points of contact will make the resolution swift and smooth.
Estimated TimeA few days.
Level of EffortIt’s easy.  Just be friendly!


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