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Help build the Space Kit!


Help build the Space Kit!

We need your help in filling out the book pages on how to start a space on the meta level, regardless of geographic location or governance structure. Take a look here to get a feel for the beginnings - 

We expect there will be four major phases - Discover, Formation, Launch, and Outreach. What are the steps your space took for each of these phases? If already described in another book page, flesh it out more, tag it appropriately, do some general edits. If a step is missing, add it in.

Each page has a template of the bare knowledge bases needed. Don't let that limit your response, though - the more info, the better - just remember to keep a meta view. You can link in your own space's experience by creating a related page on your group (ie, Jigsaw Renaissance or All Hands Active) and using the "Insert link to internal content" button next to the spell check options of the wiziwig panel.

After the book is contructed, we'll run it through a script to turn the book pages into Projects and Cases.

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