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Discussions at Chaos Communication (Space) Camp 2011


Discussions at Chaos Communication (Space) Camp 2011


James and I spoke at #CCCamp11 in August near Berlin, Germany. It was a blast, and we ended up having two informal gatherings for hacker/makerspace founders and facilitators. 

The general list of concerns/ideas was long, but we ended up focusing on a few things:

Other things which were brought up were as follows:

Succession issue - strong  personalities have defined the group, now what?

How to make important decisions from the beginning, create structure

Disproportionate work load, but don’t want to piss anyone off

Hacker vs Maker as terms, who gets what and who comes when you define it either way

Responsibility for the crap work - do-acracy, dictatorship, etc

Emergence of issues, things that are interesting rises to the top


Safety, responsibility for the risk; making sure permissions are filed


Getting new members, temporary housing causing disruption in moves


300 members means dealing with people who feel like they should get more out of the space (use it as bedroom)


Issues for hackerspaces vs issues for starting spaces


Sponsorship from bigger companies, but not be dependent on them. What can we offer?


Coworkers and projects coexisting - how open are you?


Group projects for fun, how important are those, how do you encourage it?


Self segregation


Who comes for painting, building, maintaining the space itself?


Signal - we don’t know how to manage the space


Leadership issues. How many issues do we want to have? More members means more money but also more responsibility. Reduce members but ask for more money? People are nice, want to hang out, but don’t want to contribute to infrastructure


The people with talent are stuck with the cleaning

Attendees (please forgive grevious misspellings - let me know in the comments and I'll fix it!)

Day 1:

  •  James
  • Willow
  • Andy - Noisebridge
  • Robert - TOG Dublin - Founder and coordinator of Monti Carlos and Synchronous Hackthon
  • Gemma - Exeter - E-space - First member with a T-shirt
  • Dave - Florida - Familab - member
  • Julius - e-Space - founding member and director of Non-profit
  • Bob Ward - Archreactor - St Louis MO - founder, board member
  • Oisin - Zero nine One Labs- one of the founders
  • Maciej - Poland - Warsaw -founder
  • Xirdal - Poland warsaw - founder
  • Fretiches from Noisebridge and now ith 091 - biotech
  • Ari - ffounding member of noisebridge widows club
  • Maciej - Warsaw hackerspace
  • Rubin - Noisebridge - founding member
  • Stephanie - Philadelpia - former Hive76 board member - Hacktory (home space)
  • Joe - Make It Labs
  • Fin - Metalab - Vienna 

Day 2:


NameCityName of SpaceRole
Smachi / EnkiWarsawWarsaw HackerspaceFounders
MinequeNE FranceNybi.ccFounder
Elan / AlexanderMoscowNeuronspacefounder
SilvanFranceGrunaub OpenLabPresident/Founder
Clemontnear ParisElectrolabfounder
GemmaSW England

Serujah , JohnnyPragueBrmlabFounder
JoeVancouverVancouver HackspaceFounder
Jacque Christoff
Bob WardSt LouisArch ReactorFounder
Dave BHollandTkkrlabFounder
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