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Introversion and Extroversion / Inclusiveness


Introversion and Extroversion / Inclusiveness


 Noisebridge - as someone who is outside and looks in, but tightly affiliated. Be crisp, be understandable if you want to be accessible. Pick which you are, know it, stay it, communicate that as well.

Jigsaw vs HBL - both mostly functional models of mild introversion and extreme extraversion

"I used to tell everyone to make art. I don't do that anymore."

Defining structure and flow selects who gets involved, stays around. if you don't define, you end up with a mess. Setting norms, post on walls.

meeting, working, socializing, celebration. Ton of work to bring in any new member. But later on much fewer problems. It's an interview process.

Every selection process is inherently flawed. You will accidently let someone in who shouldn't be in, you will exclude someone that should have been in. Always improve upon it. Don't want false positives or negatives.

In the beginning, you take everyone you can work with.

The potential member is also interviewing the space

If you want more diversity in your space, you have to FIND them and beg them to come. Know what your deficits are, actively work on them. Be transparent in it, be explicit.

Arch Reactor has been formal in membership from teh beginning. Must have been around for 3 months, have other members vett them.

Finn - at Metalab, we host 1.5 events a day to try to get new people into the space. Try to be very open, but it's easier for us because we're in a nice area. You can give us money any time, but we don't ahve to make you a member. You don't get a key until you've been around for a month or so. Have to kick people out if they disregard protocol.

Berm Labs in Prague. Went from "hey let's do that" to having a spae in a matter of weeks. They are very hands off. Just happy that people sign up, people who get frustrated that they can't access all the time, become members. People who don't suit, don't stick.

091 vetts for 3 months, other members, worked for awhile but now reconsidering.

is the problem that you haven't been getting the right people or that you haven't been getting people at all?

Have to get to know people. This is our home, our work space, have to trust.

Automated system makes it easy to turn off access.

698 members at Bucketworks. When we had so many events and strangers, we had staff monitering what was going on. They were members who were offered official jobs.

 People named it “Open Lab” to avoid the problem of hacker/maker problem. Lab still indicates scientific, act of creation.

Fee level. Statistics between amount of fee, size of hackerspace. If your members pay less, you have more members.




Recruiting as many new members as possible.

Do you pay dues when you’re away on vacation? Monthly fee becomes low enough that it’s not a big deal to keep paying while away.

“Hacker” is limiting in who attends.

Small fees for paying in increments, fewer fees if you pay all at once

Automembership works really well. Recurring payments

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