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Introductions for Spring City Launchpad team


If you are interested in being involved with the Spring City Launchpad, a Waukesha collaborative workspace, makerspace, hackerspace--whatever-we-imagine-space, please leave a comment on this blog post with your introduction!

We meet to plan Spring City Launchpad on Google Plus every second Tuesday of the month at 8pm CST for one hour. 

Next hangout:

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What next?

Hi All,

Is this Spring City Launchpad group still active? If not, I'd like to invite you too be a part of the our new hacker/maker/coworking space in Meetupery in Sussex, WI.


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First Official Board Meeting

The first official board meeting will be Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

Legal Formation

Over the past six months, we've been meeting monthly to gauge interest in a creative community space in Waukesha and to begin the process of building a community here. Over the past two months, we've seen greater interest and intensity of participation. 

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Need help with acceptable use of School Factory logo

I don't want to use mis-use the school factory logo.   Are we allowed to use it in printed flyers or other event promotions.

For example, see the attached small engine repair (proof of concept / early draft) promotion.

Is the school factory name/logo something I should be leaving off of these types of things?


E. J. 

Open Making and Open Planning

It's been a great week of progress for Spring City Launchpad! Let's keep the momentum going and building:

Want to hang out and make things?

Invite your friends and fellow makers to join us at:

Martha Merrell's Books & Cafe
231 West Main Street
Waukesha, WI 53186

Sunday Sep 9 at 2pm for an open making session--bring sample projects and things you'd like to work on with other makers and creators. This will help build community and give people a chance to get to know one another and their projects!

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I'd recommend you guys list yourself here, and create a page on the Hackerspaces site:

At Milwaukee Makerspace we've gotten a fair number of people who found us through our page there.

08.12.12 Meeting Minutes

Encounterig problems with Google Hangout,  using a conference call instead.


Mike Helbig, James Carlson, Dan Vanderboom at Bucketworks for the Access Control Hackathon/3D Printing Meetup.  

Chasity Beer and Paul Sperbeck are at Martha Merrell's Bookstore.  

Mike and Jessica Clark unable to attend due to picking up sister from airport.  

Ryan Loweer has been in South Carolina for business and will not be back until close to the end of the month.  

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Google Plus Hangout this Wednesday

Join us this Wednesday for a Google Plus hangout online to talk with EJ and others from the Waukesha Makerspace project--as well as re-focus on planning and launching this space!

Open Hangout link; Wednesday Aug 15, 10pm

Facebook Page Created

The Spring City Launchpad facebook page has now been created. I believe once you have "liked" the page I am able to make you an admin and therefore you will be able to edit as you wish. Until then, if there are any photos and/or information you would like me to include on the page, please let me know!



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