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Collaboration on the Waukesha Space


Collaboration on the Waukesha Space

Pete, Chasity, Dan, I've set up this Atrium group to help support the launch of a Waukesha County space. I'm posting the sketchnotes for the slideshow at the library on Flickr, and I'll leave a comment here when I'm done.

We can use this space for basic communications, project management, and mailing list functions, and anyone can easily register without having to be a member of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or any other company.


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Here's the sketchnote slideshow for the Waukesha Library meeting. It can be a good backdrop to the conversation! Let me know what you think:


Thanks James, if the others are OK with it I'm more than happy to use Atrium for communications.

I'll share what I've leanred from Milwaukee Makerspace, Sector67, The DHMN, etc.



And Bucketworks? :) I think we are hoping this space will be a part of the Space Federation. I certainly plan to offer the community the benefit of our support and even continued facilitation of the launch following through the steps in the Space Kit.


I figured you could cover what has been learned at Bucketworks. :)

Right now this is a Dan, Chastity, and Mike project, but I'd definitely recommend to them joining the Space Federation and following much of what The School Factory has learned in the last 10(!) years...


I'm enthusiastically on board with the Spring City Launchpad joining the Space Federation (and learning from others' mistakes!), and would love to learn more about various ways this will benefit the space and its community. I have enough exposure to satisfy myself, but as this effort goes far beyond just my own efforts, I'd like the rest of the growing Waukesha community to see and hear about this for themselves.

Waukesha is close enough to Bucketworks and Milwaukee Makerspace, I believe, to make a space there an ideal test for the Space Federation's on-boarding and startup phases, as well as a test of the completeness and usefulness of the Space Kit, and expect all of that can be further developed and fleshed out in the process. Any facilitators acting on behalf of the Space Federation will have easy and direct access to the community, and eventually the space.

Atrium will work great for communication, though I will also be setting up a Google Docs account for email management, etc. Any suggestions on basic email accounts to set up at this point?

For those of us involved so far, I know we're all on the same page.

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