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Milwaukee Makerspace Visit - and Sector 67 too!


Milwaukee Makerspace Visit - and Sector 67 too!

Last night (on 4/17), I went with Mike Leinberger, Chasity Beer, and her son Cameron to the Milwaukee Makerspace to visit, explore, and learn about makerspaces and the process of starting one. Chasity and I have been to a couple events there, but this was our first time sitting in on one of the open member meetings.

We made contact through Twitter prior, and when we arrived, everyone there welcomed us warmly and openly shared advice and insight about the process and trials of building a community and opening and dealing with a space. We were all very impressed with the spirit of generocity and helpfulness there, and we want to open a makerspace in Waukesha because we know the community there will appreciate it and benefit from it greatly as well. The Do-It-Yourself mantra seems second only to Share-Freely.

I'll let Mike speak for himself for the most part, though I can safely say he was impressed with the diversity of people, skill sets, and projects going on there. He's a brilliant gear head and tinkerer, so despite never having heard of a makerspace until last week, I think he's going to fit in very well!

I also want to mention (and thank) Sector67 for taking time to give us the tour there a few weeks ago. Chasity, Cameron, and I visited them a few weeks ago and were very impressed with the great collection of amazing people and tools they've managed to gather.

Having had exposure for Bucketworks over the past many years, I feel very fortunate to have so many good examples and stories to draw from as we explore the feasibility of offering a similarly great place to the Waukesha community.

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Space, Tools, People, Community... the four pillars?


Yes-- I think of it like this:

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