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Spring City Launchpad Presentation at the Waukesha Public Library


Spring City Launchpad Presentation at the Waukesha Public Library

We're planning a talk at the Waukesha Public Library (321 Wisconsin Ave, Waukesha, WI) on Saturday, May 12th starting 1:00pm and going until around 2:30pm [CONFIRMED].

Our plan for this event is to raise awareness of makerspaces, their value in the community, and what a Waukesha makerspace could do for all of us; as well as to engage the audience and hopefully inspire them to participate! We'll announce this event at Gallery Night at Bucketworks on April 20th, 5:00 - 9:00pm.

Confirmation on date and time to follow.

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If you'd like me to come and talk, let me know the date as soon as you can... afternoons are tough, but I can see what I can do.

Also, were we still looking to meet up sometime this Sunday, April 22, 2012?


Also, the date of the Library event is Saturday, May 12th @ 3:15, running until about 4:30. Sent from Siri


Thanks for the date confirmation... Who will all be speaking/presenting? If James is, he can cover much of the launch stuff, and if I do, I could cover personal experience related things like, community, entrepreneurship, etc.


Yep-- I plan to facilitate a discussion based on these slides:


I do believe that Royce is planning to speak as well. I have to confirm with him. Sent from Siri


James, slides look good! I'll plan my talk around my own personal experiences and observations. How long should we plan talks for? (And obviously we can show slides, etc. correct?)


The actual time will be changing, and possibly the date as well. We'll discuss further at Gallery Night at Bucketworks tonight, and will update here once we have it nailed down.


Count me in to attend. Pending confirmation of a date of course.


That's great Scott! We look forward to meeting you and sharing our vision. Sent from Siri


Hey Scott, it's great to see you on board with this... The more the merrier. :)


I have final approval from the Waukesha Public LIbrary to use their community room for our presentation and first meeting for the Spring City Launchpad maker space, on Saturday, May 12th from 1:00-2:30pm. We'll serve coffee and juice, and some cookies to snack on.

Please tell others about this meeting, and take part in designing and shaping this new maker space! Bring your ideas, your passion for making things, and we promise it will be memorable!

We look forward to seeing you there!


I look forward to meeting all of you. I will pass the info around as well.



I have passed the meeting info around to the following groups I'm  part of, who would probably be interested:


amateurradiomilwaukee yahoo group (Despite the name, most of the subscribers live in greater Milw rather than Milw city limits)
Badger Contesters G+ page (a Wisconsin sized ham radio club)
Badger Contesters email mailing list
Shared Pete's post on G+
Home Shop Machinist BBS (international in scope, I don't think my iFriends in the UK will attend, but there are local WI readers...)

I have no contact with the local STEM school educators.  I would assume they'd be interested, and might be able to pass along the info to interested parents.  Any ideas?  Assuming someone hasn't already contacted them?


OK, Saturday, May 12th, 1:00pm-2:30pm at the Waukesha Public Library, 321 Wisconsin Ave, Waukesha, WI -- correct?

I'll kick out a blog post or two this week, and let them Milwaukee Makerspace guys know about it as well.

Dan, would you like me to talk or will you and James (and ???) handle it.

I'm more than happy to talk, but if you don't need me to, that's totally fine as well.



Pete I think we have a good plan to facilitate a discussion with community members-- as mentioned above, flowing through the drawings as an agenda and facilitating discussion. Would love if you can share stories and examples! My main goal is to get people engaged to take action and communicate together so the talk isn't just talk. At the same time, I want people to feel that this isn't going to be moving a mountain-- there's plenty of support already.


The invitation cards and flyers have been designed and some have been printed. Chasity and I will be handing them out, and if anyone else would like to help, I've included a file attachment to a task here in Atrium that's formatted to fit four within an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. I'm printing them on heavy card stock paper. The flyer design should be uploaded here soon as well.


1) Is this the spot for meeting feedback or should another thread be created for feedback / revise and extend remarks?

2) Regarding the community outreach / trainees for the trades, we talked at length about how a fledgling tradesman could get advice from a retired or soon to retire expert, which is a truly excellent idea.  However, another interesting idea I had is the previous step, informally helping people select their first or a new career.  Some very limited formal oppotunities exist, almost entirely linked to the school system.  I think a makerspace would be an ideal opportunity for completely informal experience to learn about a trade.  Maybe rephrased, we talked about how a new electrician could be helped, but I'm talking about one step previous, giving someone the inspiration to become a new electrician.  This fits into the community outreach idea for unemployed / retraining people, because first they have to figure out what they want to do.  Also fits into informally helping the local school system vocational training outreach or however that goal is phrased.

3) REALLY liked the anecote about how makerspaces are unisex because one exists in California and has mostly women members therefore has onsite daycare... but I'm a guy and I have kids too... I'd really like to see some space set aside that is kid safe, sorta visible (half height cubes?) close enough to see they're not getting in trouble but far enough away to be safe and/or outta the way.  Or on the other side of a bullet proof window, or whatever.  Board games?  desks for homework and kid-safe making/crafting?  Kids and parents can see each other but the kids are outta the liability insurance danger zone.  Like a really nice zoo cage, conceptually?  It would be hard for someone at my stage of life to use a space unless I had a place to put the kids while I'm there... the kids are too big to leave in a car seat or play pen and too small to safely be milling machine makers and too small to be left at home alone.  "a small spot for grade schoolers".  Could double as a viewing area for the general public or tours.  "You don't need to wear safety goggles if and only if the floor is painted green" or whatever.

4) My wife got really excited about the idea of a scrapbooking area; I will leave her to extend remarks as to those unique requirements.  Also commentary is required on the collapse in the number of local scrapbooking retail stores and their classes held, and holding crafting/scrappin' classes at a makerspace.  And does everyone who attends need to be a member or how does that all work?

5) A facility that doesn't mind a small ham radio antenna, or two, might be nice.  All you need is two ham radio antennas, then they start reproducing until you have a whole antenna farm.  Like rabbits but not as cute and furry.  At least that is my experience.

6) My wife got extremely excited at the idea of leasing my large/heavy machinery to a space for $1/yr and most importantly moving it out of the house.  To extend those remarks, how about printed works?  Lots of maker-hobbies involve books / plans / magazines...

7) Location... If you plot the center of attendees that center is probably downtown.  Yet if you want "outsiders" to visit the one way streets and bridges, not to mention limited/non-existent parking make it inaccessible.  Waukesha's truly legendary downtown street dis-organization is a unique "feature" of the city; other makerspaces probably have not experienced this level of the problem..  For example I used to work across the street from the old Bucketworks location... talk about easy access to the interstate, what like 200 feet from a major interstate exit?  Downtown Waukesha one way streets, gazebos, etc has been known to scare lesser mortals and is a unique challenge to a waukesha space which might not have been considered by outsiders.

8) Location.  Discussed making a map of attendees and finding the geographic center to minimize aggregate commute time, but in a way I'd rather go to the geographic center of suppliers (as long as its nearby some food).  Middle of nowhere is OK for some maker projects (or required) but everything I've ever built has always seemed to depend on that one last 6-32 screw I forgot to buy.


Vince, I'm going to do my best to reply to some of your points...

3) If a kid-safe area or child care is something you really want or need, you may want to take responsibility for that. By that I mean, make sure it is part of the planning process from the beginning, and find other people who are interested in a space that would have a common interest it making that happen. I'm going to bet there are plenty of other potential members who might be in the same boat, and could use child care or some sort. I've got two teenage kids, and they both like helping/working/playing with younger kids... maybe you can find kids like these that could function as babysitters (as it were) and maybe they get compensated, financially, or in some other way. Just one idea... but it should get you thinking.

4) There are spaces with crafting rooms and crafting events, and scrapbooking could definitely fit in as well. At Milwaukee Makerspace we have a laser cutter, and we've started doing our own rubber stamps, and and working on printingmaking by cutting wood blocks. These things might be really interesting to scrapbookers. I talked to Dan about the Silhouette cutting machine and he was really interested... it's a tool scrapbooker seem to really love. As for people needing to be members, that's up to you. We (Milwaukee Makerspace) allow clubs that a member belong to to meet at the space. You could do something where it's free for members, but you ask a $5 donation for non-members. (Hoping that they see the value in being a member, and eventually join.) Some places have open nights where they invite anyone in. You could do scrapbooking on such a night. Again, many possibilities, and it's up to the invested parties to determine how you want to do it. :)

5) Ham Radio? There are a bunch of spaces in the US (and elsewhere!) that have hams. As long as you can hoist an antennae (which I think they had some issues with in Chicago) you can ham it up with other spaces!

6) Are you asking about leasing instructional materials, books, etc? I'd assume it could extend to anything... we just have a library with books members donate, bring in, etc.





1) I think this is a great place for feedback, covering a motivation from concept through execution to review.

2) Career guidance and preparation are important, and a makerspace is just the kind of place that can help create new career opportunities.

3) What additional requirements, in terms of building setup and resources, do we need to support child participation and day care? How many other members would take advantage of this? What other benefits would arise from it?

4) I was so impressed with the Silhouette craft cutter that Pete told me about that I bought one. Once we open our space, I'll donate it (or lease it for $1 / year) so that we can all use it!

5) I've had many fits and starts learning about Ham Radio. It still fascinates me, and with other hams around, I imagine I'll get my Technician's license pretty quickly. :)

6) I have lots of great books relevant to a lot of the things we've been talking about. I'll loan these freely as well.

7) I'm familiar with the area, crazy roads and all, so I don't mind if meetings are downtown Waukesha, but I'm open to hearing what others think about future meeting places. Who has GPS?

8) Good point on suppliers!

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