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share makerspace vision at Waukesha Public Library

Task: share makerspace vision at Waukesha Public Library

Due Date: 
Saturday, May 12
  • find people to invite who will likely be sympathetic
    • TEDTalk speakers on April 28th
      • Mary Diez, Ph.D., Dean of Education, Alverno College
      • Shubhangi Stalder, Ph.D., Mathematics, UW-Waukesha
  • invite people to the event
    • design and print flyers
    • post flyers
    • call people we know: friends, family, neighbors
    • reach out to civic leaders: chamber of commerce, etc.
  • coordinate with Milwaukee Makerspace (Royce, Pete)
  • bring refreshments to the event: cookies, coffee, juice, and water
  • bring awesomeness
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Feedback from the event May 12:

  • About 30 people participated
  • We were unable to use the projector in the library's community room 

What worked?

  1. Asking people lots of questions
  2. A lot of participation
  3. Good attendance and turnout
  4. Lots of people had a vision of what they wanted this place to be for their personal sake, but through the QA setup of the event people understood how they could all work together in the same environment to achieve the same goals.
  5. Q/A resulted in people talking to each other openly in the room
  6. Some community members brought up a need--like learning about photography--and another member willing to share was already there! So even the meetings to plan this space bring a benefit to people to network.
  7. Cookies, food and drink.
  8. Enjoyed the people talking off each other's points.
  9. Introductions at the start is good--everyone having a chance to intro themselves helps build community.
  10. Pete and Royce and Ben who are all members of Milwaukee Makerspace provided great feedback and experience from getting the Makerspace set up.
  11. All the prep work to promote the event, and to share the concept of what this place is was very good.
  12. There were many generations of people in the room.

What to do next time?

  1. Use a dolly for the tripod
  2. Not film introductions--people might get scared
  3. Set up cameras in the advance
  4. Bring a projector!
  5. Close the door but put up a poster on the door so people know what is going on.

What's next?

Set up a bus tour of Milwaukee Makerspace and Bucketworks!



Status: Open»Resolved

I'm 'resolving' this task since we did it--but please feel free to add your comments on how this went!