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Shop Etiquette DRAFT

Shop Etiquette DRAFT

    I was thinking of a few items and thought that it would be better to put pen to paper... not complete but just what occurred to me. The thoughts are mine of course, and are intended to be a starting point for discussion. These are a few of the things that I believe must be codified. There will most certainly be others that never occurred to me.


Spring City Launchpad Physical Shop operational thoughts

  • Safety

    • Everybody goes home with all the bits with which they came.

    • Personal protection equipment is each makers responsibility. Each maker also needs to remind visitors and other makers to be safe. Nothing is worth losing your sight or an appendage.

    • Training on equipment is a requirement. This needs to be a personal responsibility. There is no shame in asking for help or instruction on equipment you are unfamiliar with. I'm 64 years old and I am not ashamed or concerned if I need to ask someone about a safety or operation issue.

  • Shop access.

    • I believe the keyed and/or RFID access is a great system. To safely implement it I feel that some form of monitoring is a good idea. If a maker is present alone at any time, the access system would require them to check or 'key' in at specific intervals. If they failed to do so the system could call and email a number of other makers and initiate a physical check on their well being.

      • 24/7/365 access might only be allowed for adult members

      • minors would likely require an adult be present.

        • The responsible adult related to a minor could approve the presence of other makers for the purpose of supervision.

  • Cleanup

    • After 40+ years working on construction sites, I have found that cleanliness is closely related to safety. While it is often OK to work in a 'cloud' of debris, it is easier to clean it up as you work, and certainly before you leave. Makers should not 'make' work for others.

    • Following the example of Milwaukee Makerspace, a general 'cleanup/put away/organize the common space day' seems like a good idea as well.

  • Consumables

    • Gas for welding equipment, welding rod, welding wire, drill bits, router bits, lathe bits, plasma consumables and all materials that are not donated for the use of all should be supplied by or paid for by the user. A donation in kind, or contribution to the consumable fund would suffice. To maintain the readiness of each piece of equipment the various monies collected should be equipment specific. Could still have a general fund as well.

    • Do to the high cost of some of the gases for welding, best practice regarding safety and common sense would require you to check connections and hoses for leaks at each use. Ask for training if you don't know how to check this equipment.

  • Food

    • We all like to snack or drink something while we are working. We are not your mothers. Clean up and dispose of empty containers, trash and spills yourself.

    • Age appropriate beverages should be allowed.

      • If you consume an age specific beverage please do not operate dangerous equipment if impaired. The rest of us dislike removing any part of YOU from the working bits of high speed and dangerous equipment.

      • Keep the restrooms clean. See first bullet point in this section.

  • Topics of discussion and conduct.

    • If it is legal have fun. Minors and children are the responsibility of the adults that brought them. High speed twisty things are dangerous, any tool can be an unintentional weapon. BE a CAREFUL and RESPONSABLE mentor.

    • As in one of my other hobbies, the topics of religion and politics are hot button subjects. Your convictions and beliefs are YOURS. This organization is designed and intended to make things. Your beliefs are yours, and need not enter here.

    • I subscribe to the personal philosophy that I don't really care what you do or how you conduct your life as long as it doesn't cost me money or happen at my house. I respect the beliefs of others even though I may not agree with them. Have the courtesy to keep controversial or inflammatory behavior and speech to yourself. If you are making someone else uncomfortable with your speech or conduct you have overstepped the bounds of our society. We are here to make things not enemies.

  • Material and equipment

    • While many of the tools and equipment are leased to the Spring City Launchpad, (or can I just refer to us as SCLP), some things may not be for general use. Things that are not for general member use should be in your locker or removed from the space.

    • As I mentioned before, materials that are for SCLP member use should be stored in a agreed upon area or marked as such. Since it is possible for a  members to be here working on their project at any time, the unexpected loss of materials would be unpleasant.

    • This would not, of course, preclude you from calling or emailing the owner of something that you need and asking to use it. Replacement would be a mutual agreement as well.

  • Internet access

    • I hope that we can obtain reasonably priced Internet service.

    • Regardless of your beliefs, downloading of content that could expose the rest of us to prosecution is not a socially responsible use of bandwidth.

    • If you wouldn't show it to your children or your mother don't bring it here.




Paul Sperbeck