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Introductions for Spring City Launchpad team


Introductions for Spring City Launchpad team


If you are interested in being involved with the Spring City Launchpad, a Waukesha collaborative workspace, makerspace, hackerspace--whatever-we-imagine-space, please leave a comment on this blog post with your introduction!

We meet to plan Spring City Launchpad on Google Plus every second Tuesday of the month at 8pm CST for one hour. 

Next hangout:

Join us in person at Martha Merrell's Books & Cafe every second Sunday at 2pm for a social and making hangout!

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Hello Spring City Launch Pad

My name is Paul Sperbeck. I spoke to Chastity this afternoon, and wanted to post an intro.

I am a retired plumber with interests in blacksmithing, casting, machining, welding, electric and fueled vehicles, wood working and ham radio to mention a few.

I am looking forward to the meeting that Chastity refered to, and hope to help in any way that I am able to.

See you soon





Thank you, Paul. This will be an exciting new opportunity for all of us in the Waukesha area and beyond! Your skill-set is hugely inspiring and you have a lot to offer. Stay tuned for meeting information. Sent from Siri


Thanks, Paul!

I saw your book page on shop etiquette and you seem to have given this a lot of thought. I think it's great, and a good starting point to get a conversation going on this important issue! I've had an item on my list to review the Milwaukee Makerspace's bylaws for some ideas on what kinds of rules would be good to establish a culture of respect and boundaries, and I'm interested in talking to members of other maker spaces to learn what has worked for them, and what has caused them problems.

I know there are a lot of different ways to assign ownership, access, safety certification, use, maintenance, etc., of various types of tools and machines, based on the specific attitudes and relationships among members, as well as the cost, complexity, and risk of the tools themselves. A lot of that is unknown at this point, so I'm eager to get to the point where we have at least a core group of members to discuss and perhaps vote on the various rules and guidelines.

What tools are people willing to bring in? How much can we share and leave in the shop for other members? There are tools which are heavy or bulky and become permanent fixtures vs. power tools that members may bring in to use and take when they leave. I have some power tools I could easily take home with me, but will likely donate to the space for others to use.

After our initial meeting, after which we should have a better idea of what our core group will look like to start, we should plan some weekly meetings and add this important item to the agenda until we reach a consensus.



My name is Mike Helbig.  I want to start by saying that I am very encouraged to see this activity regarding a Makerspace in the Waukesha community.

Since becoming aware of the concept of Makerspaces about 6 months ago, I've become very interested in joining one.  I've visited the the Milwaukee Makerspace facility and was very impressed, but it's further away than I want to travel.  I've since checked out just about every makerspace website and have subscribed to and read just about every makerspace RSS feed I can find.  I've also visited the SchoolFactory website and read a lot of the information that's posted there.  Paul Sperbeck and I recently met and talked about about the possibility of setting up a Waukesha makerspace.  Tonight, Paul emailed to let me know about this Spring City Launchpad group and I wanted to introduce myself.

As a lifelong tinkerer, I've developed skills in my interests ranging from electronics, software, computers, machine tools, welding, plumbing, woodworking, carpentry, motors, engines, hydraulics and pneumatics.  My latest in-process project is building a Reprap Prusa Mendel 3D printer to add to our engineering lab at work, open for everyone to use.

I'm currently a full-time Enginering Manager at a small manufacturing division in Waukesha that designs, manufactures and supports electronic controls for full-size municiple snow plowing equipment.  

I'm offering whatever assistance my skills and schedule allows in making a Waukesha makerspace become a reality.  I'll be following this group and will try to attend the upcoming meeting if I can.

Thanks for putting together this group and getting this started,



Hi Mike! So glad that you and Paul connected and talked about Spring City Launchpad. There are great things to come from great minds collaborating, so watch for details on a meeting. We're glad you're on board!


I am a managing partner of Orion Group, an Internet marketing company in Sussex ]

As the Director of Internet Marketing, I oversee search engine optimization strategies and manage pay per click campaigns for small businesses. I'm a Google Analytics Qualified individual and certified in Google Adwords too. At work I focus on improving the visibility of websites in the search engines and specialize in improving the quality and increasing the quantity of leads and sales coming from various online sources. My background is in designing and developing websites using various content management systems, with a strong preference towards WordPress. When I'm not optimizing websites, I enjoy walking my Great Dane, Squiggles.

I've hung around Bucketworks a lot over the last few years, attending and running various meetups. I've always been interested in learning more about collaborative environments. You might not know it, but I'm not a very outgoing person. It's hard for me to get out of my shell and relate to people on a personal level. I tend to get shy around people I don't know, so I overcome it by just enveloping myself in things I know a lot about. Actually, I feel most comfortable when talking about work!

I just want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I'd like to get involved in whatever way I can.

Please let me know more about yourselves too.



Since everyone has been introducing themselves so nicely, I will follow suit and do the same!

I'm Dan Vanderboom, one of several people organizing and hopefully launching Spring City Launchpad. I work with the School Factory, which operates the co-working and maker space Bucketworks in Milwaukee, and that also helps spaces around the country (and several outside the US) to communicate, collaborate, solve common space problems and take advantage of opportunities that each of us couldn't approach in isolation. Toward that end, I believe there's a ton of maker energy and talent in the Waukesha area, and I've set up the website and Waukesha Public Library talk to get people talking about the opportunities and benefits of creating a space here.

I'm a software engineer by trade (have been programming since about 7 years old, my blog is here), and have recently become interested in all sorts of hands-on physical design and construction: wood working, plastics, 3D printing and scanning, CAD software and CNC machines, etc. I've been building a green screen video recording studio in my home, as well as a high-tech aeroponic vegetable garden. I'm interested in education (and education reform), and am hoping to create a space that can accomodate high-tech manufacturing, old fashioned craftsmanship, and educational programs to teach these valuable skills to kids (such as Maker Scouts) as well as adults via open source, hands-on, interactive curriculum.

I'm very open-minded, so instead of imposing my own idea of what the space should be, I'm looking to the broader community to help establish what makes sense with our members and our geographic area. I have a good set of power tools I'd be happy to donate, as well as the recording studio which could help members promote their own projects and ideas in a professional way they might not otherwise have access to.


Hello, I am Pete Prodoehl (also known as raster) and I am a publisher, photographer, maker, hacker, blogger, community organizer, documentarian, artist, designer, and dabbler in many other things.

I got involved with Bucketworks when I wanted to make a BarCamp happen in Milwaukee back in 2006. I then got involved in Web414 and helped run that for five years. (I also did PhotoCamp, DrupalCamp, and other Bucketworks-related events.) I get obsessed with things and tend to explore the hell out of them, but I'm also a serial enthusiast, and sometimes move on to new things. I got involved with Milwaukee Makerspace in 2011, and am currently a part-time member there, but do a lot of promotion of the group/space.

I work for a branding & marketing firm, and I have a knack for tying things together and making people aware of them, and connecting people together. Also, I use the web about 27 hours a day.

I tend to do hardware that relates to software, and I like Arduinos, RepRaps, laser cutters, and other weird things.

You can find out more about me by visiting:


I'm James Carlson, a photographer, programmer, maker, hacker, community organizer, facilitator, designer. I'm the founder of the School Factory, and along with some friends started Bucketworks in Milwaukee ten years ago. I'm working hard to help more communities create places like Bucketworks/Milwaukee Makerspace/Sector67, because I believe these places are the future of how we educate, create economy, and generate new ideas. In short: I'd like to rebuild the school system with places like these, used by all generations to create and teach each other.

I'll be facilitating the session at the library to help the Waukesha community generate its ideal vision of the Spring City Launchpad, and providing support and guidance throughout the planning process. I love doing this work most of all because there's nothing quite as inspiring as seeing a community come together and form a vision, make it real!

I look forward to meeting all of you at the library.


Hello "introductions for all" thread.  I'm Vince Mulhollon, I've done lots of machining but not much gear cutting, some CNC machining (I built my own CNC EMC2 Sherline mill in my basement out of lots of parts), lots of ham radio (n9nfb), lots of electronic/electrical stuff.  I do sysadmin/programming/telecom stuff at work.  I've been doing linux stuff at work since 97 and at home since 93.  I'm one of the developers in the Debian project.  I'm handy with microcontrollers but not arduinos (always been a motorola, and later PIC, guy).  I used to be pretty handy with Cisco routers at a previous job.  I could cast aluminum and sometimes it even turns out correctly, but not the hotter stuff like brass/iron/etc.  My furnace burned out (as they tend to do in the natural course of use) and I'll make another eventually, and I'd like to find a Local supplier of firebrick willing to sell in less than pallet quantities, as portland cement is not high temp long term stable.  Mike's Prusa printer sounds very interesting to me.  Dan's aeroponic vegetable garden sounds interesting to me.  I've also done some stuff thats not traditional maker but is none the less scientific-craft-ish such as canning and brewing.  James's educational goals sound interesting to me because I have little kids in the local schools.  I believe Pete and I both have Eggbots, and they are fun, and I made last years christmas gifts using it.  The learning curve for inkscape is shallower than I expected, and I rapidly ran out of ideas (what do I do with it now?).  I've lived in this town for 32 years, so far.  It would be fun to talk ham radio with Paul, I mostly work VHF and up weak signal but some HF digital too; I used to be extremely big into packet radio and TCP/IP radio in the early 90s, I build lots of ham radio gear mostly VHF+.  I am a tolerable butcher of wood, for example I can easily make a decent picnic table, but my current project of making a wooden geared clock is perhaps stretching the limit of my skills and tools... teeth, so many teeth to cut and sand to the perfect shape.  I donno if I've ever finished a piece of wood flawlessly, there is always a run or drip or something, annoying, perhaps I can learn something.

Aside from the above, I've always wanted to learn to weld, take the courses at WCTI/WCTC/WCTU or whatever they are called this week.  Mostly I think it would be interesting to get inspiration/ideas from other folks, or at least thats what I'm looking for at this moment.  Personality wise I'm very much a high level wizard in his tower kind of guy but I will at least make an attempt at being outgoing.

See ya all at the library.


Hello guys, Im Dan Walters I was talking with Dan Vanderboom last week about the Waukesha area. Im a network administrator for a small isp. So i have knowledge regarding all sorts of networking, security, wireless, hosting, ect. u name it i deal w/ it. I also am a founder of dc414 ( local defcon group). I enjoy putzing w/ hardware specifically Motorola modems, i can program in and am extremely well orientated with soldering equipment.


Hey Dan "Im a network administrator for a small isp" did you locally BGP peer with AS 7260 in the first half of the 00s?  If so then I was probably the guy who configured your upstream router.  Telecom is a Very small world.


un fortantly were peered w/ AS4323. we do not have a BGP in our env :( (as i said small isp) ... I wish to bring anouther isp in and setup a multihomed network but yea money needs to be there first.  I do agree telecom is an extreamly small world, never know whom ur going to meet next.


Hello all,

My name is Ryan Lowerr. I am a electrical engineering technology grad from MSOE working as a project engineer in the pulp and paper industry. In my free time I experiment with 8 bit microcontrollers, analog electronics, robotics and embedded Linux. I am an event organizer for the Mech Warfare robotics competition held at the Robogames and have recently started a website/blog to document my personal projects.

I have visited the Milwaukee Makerspace at least two times in the past but unfortunately it is just too far away to justify membership. I am very excited about the prospect of a similar space opening locally and am encouraged by the large turnout at the library meeting this afternoon!



My name is Andrew Gregas.  I am a Software Engineer, coder, planner, designer, gamer, do-it-yourselfer, outdoorsman and want-to-be writer.

I am fairly new to Waukesha and the idea of helping out with a project like this and meeting new people excites me.  I am one of those guys that likes to have a project to be working on at all times, sometimes multiple projects, and sometimes way too many projects at once :)

I don't know a whole lot about what is involved in a project like this but it sounds very intriguing and I like to be in on things like this from the ground floor.  Summers are a busy time for me, but I'd to try to do whatever I can to help.

Need help?


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