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After May 12, then what?


After May 12, then what?

After the discussion at the library on May 12, we want to make sure we have the next several actions planned out so people know what happens next and when.

One action that comes from the presentation is to coordinate a bus tour with the nearby spaces, like Bucketworks and the Milwaukee Makerspace.

On the night of June 8, Bucketworks will be hosting an event to feature collaborative spaces in our area as part of our 10th Anniversary year-long celebration. It would be a great night to invite a group to come and explore what these places are like. Bucketworks and the Milwaukee Makerspace will be 'stops' on a shuttle bus run around Milwaukee between a variety of different places.

This shuttle bus tour ends at Bucketworks, where we'll have a party and celebration that evening.

Could we organize a bus run from Waukesha to Milwaukee and back the evening of June 8th, followed by another meeting at the library to talk about what people noticed on the tour on June 9th? What do you think?

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I love the idea. It sounds like a great time. Count me in!


"followed by another meeting at the library to talk about what people noticed on the tour on June 9th?" per discussion at the May 12th meeting, would there be support for local restaurant instead of library?  Culvers on Grandview/Hwy T?  Obvious tradeoffs are FOOD/ICE CREAM vs relative quiet at the library.  Also Culvers is "just show up" library needs to be scheduled.


Ability to limit noise and other distraction is important, as is the use of a projector. We have a generous open invitation to use a bookstore in downtown Waukesha, and also may have access to a room at UW Waukesha that comes with a projector and smartboard. With the promotional work done and what's planned, we expect the next meeting to outgrow the ability to use a small restaurant (or even the library room, which isn't ideal for other reasons).


Im looking forward to seeing where this goes.  I'm not computer tech savvy, but I'll let my curiosities push my boundaries.  I have some experience coding an some in a variety of home and auto handywork.

Being new to this, and not too familiar with the information channel.  I hope to find a way to stay informed on developments of this Waukesha space.


Sadly, I realize I have graduate school entrance exams the morning after this. I'll have to play this by ear and hope someone might be able to share some mental notes at a later date if I cannot make it...


Sorry you cannot make it. We will post more information here when the meeting is over, and we might even try to live stream and record it. There will be plenty of chances to get involved after exams too!
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