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Our Second Meeting - Sunday, July 1st


Our Second Meeting - Sunday, July 1st

I bumped into Norm Bruce, part of the Business Improvement District in Waukesha, and Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima last night at downtown Waukesha's Friday Night Live. Norm recently toured Bucketworks and saw first hand all of the great stuff going on there. He sang our praises to Mr. Scrima, and has extended the Spring City Launchpad group an invitation to use his bookstore on Main St. to hold our monthly meetings, as well as to position ourselves (and perhaps a table or booth, or...?) outside his shop during Friday Night Live events, which usually draw a few thousand people and would be a great opportunity for us to introduce our group to many people.

I propose having our second meeting at 2:00pm on Sunday, July 1st. Norm's bookstore is:

Martha Merrell's Books & Cafe
231 West Main Street
Waukesha, WI 53186

What do you all think? Is this an acceptable venue for our meetings? Does this date and time work?

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Just in case the meeting does not happen Sunday, I'd love to invite anyone interested in 3D printing to our meetup happening at 1pm at UWM:


I am planning on coming to the meeting this Sunday.

Haven't heard much of anything of late, but I am still interested.

Hope to see you there.



Hello to all,

Yes, I'm also planning being there on Sunday and looking forward talking more about this.  I'll see if I can bring some others with me as well.




I will be there as well. Do you know if he has a projector? I can bring one, too. Is there a wall or screen surface we could use?


Thanks to Jessica, Chasity, Dan, Ryan, Paul, and Mike Helbig who attended our second meeting!

Here's the progress report. Click on the links to read the background:

  1. Everyone who attended agreed to serve as members of the Founding Team of the Spring City Launchpad
    1. Teams are listed as Projects
    2. Each Team has one task to work on before the next meeting
    3. Feel free to join a team (see below)!
  2. We generated these raw notes
  3. Norm from the bookstore has agreed to let us continue to meet there on a regular basis!
  4. Starting tasks and action items are listed in the Work Tracker for each Team

Please review these materials and remember that you can click "Edit" in the upper right when you want to make a change or contribute:

  1. Join a team by editing the project and adding your name to the list of Leaders (click Add New Item to make a new box for yourself if needed.)
  2. Make comments on the Tasks if you do some work on the task
  3. Click Edit on the Notebook pages you see in each Team's Project and contribute your ideas!

We have 7 things to do in the next month! Join us at the next meeting to review and celebrate progress and come up with a plan for August / September.

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