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Pecha Kucha

What about doing Pechu Kucha practice for the Jan. 6 SAnything could announce it at Spreenkler on Wed. (along with SUA 4)...


StartAnything Session 2

Welcome! We'll go through and introduce ourselves:


The general theme of this meetup is how to start and run a business. Today's session is focused on how to build a successful team; how do we create the team we need to succeed?

Answer these questions:

  • What's your full name
  • What are you starting
  • What's "team" mean to you?

Greg Wilson - IT Manager - Teams that complement each other's weaknesses can flourish and grow

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StartAnything First Session

Topic: Using Social Media to Attract Investors

Facilitator: Oleg Tumarkin

Introductions format: 

What's your name? What are you starting? What can you share with us about starting/what you're looking for? What would you like to learn most?


Sue Carlson - From Madison - Starting up a COO/CFO For Hire firm in Madison with a friend who is a CPA, just getting incorporated. Brought cookies! We're not looking for investing; I'm here to learn and meet people. Our business is self-supporting.

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