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Startup Accelerator 6


Startup Accelerator 6

Hi All,

Here's an update on Startup Accelerator 6.

It is scheduled for July 23 at Sector 67 in Madison.  It will run from 10-4. Address is 2100 Winnebago Street on the East Side of Madison.

We have sponsorship commitments from Design Concepts, Intense Engineering, MG&E, Office of Corporate Relations (UW-Madison), the MS in Biotechnology program at UW-Madison, Makin' Hey (logo design), and support from WWBIC for promoting the event.  I've reached out to several other orgs and need to follow up with them.  We've received payment from two sponsors so far.

I did an interview on "In Business with Jody and Joan" that aired on WTDY (1670 AM) in Madison on Tuesday.  It should be available on the WTDY web site by now:

An interview with "In Business" magazine will be posted on their blog on the 19th..  This site also has a link to the interview.

The event is posted on the Isthumus calendar, calendar, and I've asked for it to be posted on others, if possible.

There is lots of parking at Sector 67, but we still encourage carpooling, biking, etc. 

The facility has a lot of space - there are at least three breakout rooms and we'll have at least two 10 x 10 canopy tents set up outside if the weather is decent.

Sector 67 is a workshop, so come dressed comfortably.

We're tentatively having a vote on logo options at the event.  Allen Veak of Makin' Hey told me he can have some options ready by then.

That's all for now!


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I've started trying to promote the event too!  Not nearly as cool as being on the radio or a magazine ;-), but I've been mentioning it all the events I go to (Spreenkler, etc), twitter, e-mailin folks.  Looking forward to the accelerator!

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