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Press Release Packet

Hello all!
With the unconference less than a month away - I wanted to get a start on the press packets.  I know there has been a lot genereating on facebook - but I want to be able to send stuff out officially.  I know I have a lot of email contacts of individuals, media, press, and organizations that I would like to send information to.

A lot of people have been asking for specific information and more details - so I've been working on a concise info sheet (When, Where, What, Why) to send out as a press packet.

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Reaching Out - First Stage - Young Company


@Ken -

I'd love to talk to you about reaching out to First Stage - in particular - Young Company.  I definitely hold First Stage/Young Company very close and consider myself a bi-product in the best possible way!
So, I'd really like to be involved with the reaching out to Young Company and get them excited/involved and hopefully participate in the unconference.


Reaching Out - UWM


@ Michael and Dennis
I'd love to talk/set up a brief meeting about how we can specifically "target" UWM and get the students and faculty involved.
Let me know your thoughts and when we can start talking to people.  I know it will be easier and we will have a more specific approach once we have "press packets" - but I wanted to start the conversation.

Let me know thoughts, ideas, and when you might be available!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Media Purposes

Do we have any ideas about an image for the Milwaukee Theatre Unconference?

@ Matt, Michael and Jordan - Were you the ones who talked about being able to work on a design?
Let me know and keep me posted! I'm excited!

I know everyone is extremely busy these days - but would we want to shoot for having an idea or something "sketched" for the follow-up meeting?


Follow-up Meeting

Hello all!

I just thought I'd try to set up a follow-up meeting.  At the last meeting I know we talked about setting one up sometime in February.
It seemed that Tuesday Lunch time worked well.
What are people's schedule like for Tuesday, February 28th at 1:00pm (same time)? 

We can meet again at Milwaukee Public Market - unless anyone want to throw out other ideas.  It seemed like a easy central location?

Reply to the thread and let me know if that might work.

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Kick off Meeting Notes


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