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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Media Purposes

Do we have any ideas about an image for the Milwaukee Theatre Unconference?

@ Matt, Michael and Jordan - Were you the ones who talked about being able to work on a design?
Let me know and keep me posted! I'm excited!

I know everyone is extremely busy these days - but would we want to shoot for having an idea or something "sketched" for the follow-up meeting?


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I did make a silly simple image which I put on the Facebook page: Create Facebook Group (Case in Theatre Unconference)


How is this?

mketheatre.jpg657.93 KB


I like it. Maybe visually separate the UN from 'Unconference' with a color that can be used elsewhere to highlight something on the flyer.


I like it also! (Milwaukee skyline is fantastic).

I think we should upload this design to the facebook page.

One minor comment - For an actual advertising poster: Include the place and specific time?  Or do we want that to be in a bottom footer or header?



its uploaded - thanks MIKE!
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