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Press Release Packet

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Press Release Packet

Hello all!
With the unconference less than a month away - I wanted to get a start on the press packets.  I know there has been a lot genereating on facebook - but I want to be able to send stuff out officially.  I know I have a lot of email contacts of individuals, media, press, and organizations that I would like to send information to.

A lot of people have been asking for specific information and more details - so I've been working on a concise info sheet (When, Where, What, Why) to send out as a press packet.
Let me know what you think.  Also, let me know if you'd like your name attached to this (as part of the organizers/core) and how you would like to be listed.

Milwaukee Theatre Unconference
"Where are we now?  Where can we go?"

WHEN: April 15th, 2012
10am - 6pm

WHERE: Bucketworks
706 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI

An unconference is a "participant driven meeting that encourages peer-to-peer, collaboration, and creativity." 
The Milwaukee Theatre Unconference is geared toward getting the theatre community here together and asks the broad questions of "Where are we now?" & "Where can we go?"

Logisitcs -
- The event starts at 10am and goes to 6pm - Food is provided.
          - 10-11am: Morning snacks and introductions
          - 11-11:30am: Discuss agenda/scheduling morning sessions
          - 11:30am - 1:30pm: Sessions* in designated rooms
          - 1:30-2:30pm: Lunch and reconvene
          - 2:30-3pm: Scheduling afternoon sessions
          - 3-5pm: Sessions* in designated rooms
          - 5-6pm: Reconvene and look ahead

*Sessions can be brainstormed ahead of time OR be sprung out from ideas during the day of the event.
*Sessions: rooms and time slots will be assigned with general topics

To meet - to talk - to listen - to learn - to teach.

All we ask is for people to bring their questions, ideas, open minds, experience and knowledge.
The goal of the day, beside all the topics we can discuss and learn about, is to expand and strengthen the foundation of an active and supportive "community" of individuals with an interest in the performing arts. We hope to explore what the idea of "community" means and to open honest discussion of the roles we inhabit within Milwaukee theatre.
This is just the beginning...

*Find us on Facebook*

-Milwaukee Theatre Unconference
Event Coordinators

Gretchen Mahkorn
Artistic Director - The World's Stage Theatre Co.

??? Names?


@ Jordan - could you update the graphic image to say the specific time and add "bucketworks" - thanks

@ Everyone - Let me know asap if this is okay and if you want your name attached for contact and how you'd like to be listed.
I'd like to start sending this out asap.



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Jordan Gwiazdowski

Artistic Director - Fool's for Tragedy




James Carlson

Executive Director

School factory



logistics is misspelled.

might be good to include a sample list of the kinds of people we are interested in attracting to this-- I posted in Facebook the kinds of people we want, but showing the diversity of people that we want. 


Ok-- talke to John Schneider and he thinks that he can get us listed in ShepEx's "This Week in Milwaukee".

he needs a straight up 100 words description and a photo. I can do a photo if you can help with words?


Ok-- invited 1100 people on Facebook, and sent email to 3,600 people today promoting the event.

Need help?


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