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Kick off Meeting Notes

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Kick off Meeting Notes


  • Gretchen Makhorn: World's Stage, Theatre community, want to get community going
  • Jordan G: interested in acting whole life, working and building self talent and skill, best way to feel secure and safe in community here, build up community here, love milwaukee, we do amazing things and need to take the steps
  • Matt Kemple: Next Act Theatre, Pink Banana Theatre, Milwaukee Comedy - excited about this project because the ideas behind what you are trying to do are some ideas that are I've been trying to get off the ground for many years
  • Ken Williams: Actor, work for First Stage, in this community a longtime, excited to see artists come together and try to create something new and different. 
  • Michael Cotey: Youngblood Theatre, want to see what will come from this and interested to see what happens when we get people together
  • Dennis Johnson: Uprooted, I think it's exciting--I'm a big fan of exploring what the community is and establishing there is a community
  • James Carlson: want to build community and bring it together, hosted many unconferences before and think it would be a good way to build positive community for theatre in Milwaukee


Decide on the date and time for the event: April 15, 10am - 6pm

Decide official name for the event: Theatre Unconference

Create one sentence mission statement: Where are we now? Where can we go?

Decide on four themes: We'll do this on the day of and from the feedback we get from the future, facebook, and talking to people.

Specific topics we want to discuss or offer to lead a discussion on:

  • Jordan: Creating a local, organically grown, original content theatre company
  • James: Who are the audiences of the future and how do we find them?
  • Creating the Milwaukee Theatre Database
  • Michael: Finding and using non-traditional venues

Who will reach out to who:

Actors, Directors, Producers, Venues, Business groups, Marketers, Sponsors, Students at University, Highschool students, designers

  • Gretchen: UWM students
  • Michael: Faculty
  • Dennis: Critics
  • Matt: Next Act / Pink Banana, Next Act Mailing List, Cindy Moran, Artspin
  • James: Set up Facebook group and make admins, James to reach out to Creative Allianc, description of unconferenc, Art Wisconsin, MARN, MAB


Use Atrium to update us. Create Blogs for conversation topics, or reply with comments; Create Cases when you have a task and want to track it (use comments to update on progress as you go) and create Notebook Pages for general information and knowledge (press releases, etc.)

We will set up a Facebook group to be the public face of the event.


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