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Create Facebook Group

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Task: Create Facebook Group

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Sunday, Jan 29

Create a Facebook group to be the 'public face' of the event. Invite the other planning team members as administrators. Put links to background on what an unconference is, date and time of event, and invite people to propose topics.

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I set up a Facebook page and made Gretchen, Matt, Michael, and Jordan admins. (I'd add Dennis and Ken but I don't know where they are on Facebook.) Who would like to take it from here? I'm only moderately skilled at setting up a Facebook page. Any takers?

Also, I made up a quick logo drawing and made it the page profile, but I'm not married to it.. I just didn't want a gray question mark.


It's nice to see that the page is already pretty popular.  Everyone should be an admin now.




Status: Open»Resolved

Task complete, resolving.