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A Riley Eller
Security Strategist
Leviathan Security Group
My passion for computing began with early home machines and exploded in the vibrant bulletin board (BBS) days of the late 1980s. I grew up in the emerging network security community, learning from hackers across the globe. As an adult, I became a software engineer working on systems software, wireless routing protocols, graphics subsystems, small business management, criminal justice, cryptography, and compression. Through the DEFCON and BlackHat conference series, and my 16 annual Challenge parties, I met and collaborated with some of the best minds in the world. My contributions to security include: the first printable-character exploit encoding, the first public discussion of remedies for distributed denial of service, the (patented) first general purpose fuzzer, a method for trust in decentralized networks (now mirrored by DNSSEC), plus several wireless networking inventions. Today, I am the Security Strategist for Leviathan Security Group where I coach start-up firms through maturing their secure software development lifecycle. As a trusted advisor to these small firms, I also help their management engage with investors and major account clients.
We find a way to ensure that next time is better than last time.
Home repair.
Helping client companies to develop a sense of strength and urgency of action.
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