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Steve Duncan

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Steve Duncan
Steve Duncan
I’m a mechanical engineer-turned innovation guy (PE, MBA) developing new market intelligence services for a trade association. My career has taken me from engineering through product management, pricing, competitive intelligence, product development, and managing information products. I'm always working on new stuff. Most of my accomplishments include the word "new" or "first". Many of these projects center around basic business analysis - profitability, costing, pricing, strategy, market share, etc. It's amazing how many things I was taught were necessary in MBA school that companies have lived without, but then learn they need in order to get to the next level. I like these projects for several reasons: - They require a lot of creative problem solving - They force real discussion and innovative thinking - They're usually considered impossible 
I have a variety of personal interests, including woodworking, music, and writing. I don’t consider reading a hobby - It’s a necessity and an obsession. I have several websites, and am very interested in web publishing and social media.

My greatest joy is my family - my wife Susan and our beautiful daughters - who light up my every day. You can reach me via email at
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