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Leslie Peterson

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Leslie Peterson
Leslie Erin Peterson
Community Educator, Co-founder
The Playful Magpie

N75W15223 Colony Rd

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

People take time to sit down with me, one on one, to discuss in depth my ideas, concerns, opinions, and feelings. When people take the time to sit down with me, one on one, to share *their* ideas, concerns, opinions, and feelings. Non-hurried discussions are important to me. I'm given the details for meetings, events, and collaborative projects well ahead of the deadlines or date of events. When my contribution is sought on a particular project or event, it's important to me that the coordinator has taken the time to organize all the people and to-do items ahead of time so that I can come in and work efficiently, effectively, with minimal arbitrary/disorganized changes necessary and limited confusion. I feel respected when open, accurate, and detailed communication is prioritized.
I spend time exploring (art, nature, people, technology), cuddling with my three guinea pigs, playing video and board games, and making art. I also read a lot of non-fiction, love cultural festivals and live music events. I have volunteered in the past at organizations supporting animal welfare, fair trade, and the arts.
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