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Web414 Donations

I was wondering how School Factory handles donations to Web414.  Maybe James or Pete know something on this and could describe it to me.  If I were to talk with someone about making monetary donations what would I need to know and they need to know about the donation, 501c3 status, ability to deduct the donation, etc.

Web414 November

November 10, 2011 | 7:00pm-9:00pm


Gabe Wahhab from Savvy Panda

Presenting on Joomla and promoting the upcoming Joomla Day on 11/12.

James Carlson

Speaking on recent trip to Europe.  I am not currently sure on the specifics.


I am in the process of writing a blog post for, Facebook, etc.  Please let me know of anything else you may like to see at this month's meeting.  I will update with more details as they come.

Web414 September Meeting

Let's get the September thing going...


Of course, it will take place at the usual time and location: second Thursday of the month at Bucketworks.  That would be Sep. 8, 2011


SEGMENT 1 (~1hour)
Cloud Hosting - Adam Hansen, Rackspace

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Just a reminder, BarCampMilwaukee6 is coming up.

If you are here, you're already using OpenAtrium, so why not join us and help make it happen:

Web414 August Meeting Announced


 The August meeting of Web414 has been added to the website and announced via a Web414 tweet.


Web414 August Meeting

The Web414 August Meeting is coming up.  We are planning for:

Thursday Aug 11 @ 7pm at Bucketworks, of course.


So far, we have one topic and speaker set.  Rob Martin will be bringing us an exciting evening of Virtual Cloud Hosting.  Dave also plans on starting discussion on BarcampMilwaukee during the night.  We are looking for one more topic/presenter if anyone has suggestions.

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Web414 July 2011 Meeting

The Web414 party continues sans Pete at the helm.  I wonder if he will grace us with his presence on the other side of the room.  Here are the basics:


Thursday, July 14 - 7-9pm @ Bucketworks, of course.

The topic will be Mobile Web Development.

Presenters are:

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Hey "people who get this message",

Just posting this here to see if you've got everything coordinated for Web414, which I probably won't be able to attend.

Web414 June 2011 Meeting

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 7pm-9pm at Bucketworks

Web414 Show!

Pete will host unless someone else wants to...

Segment 1: Proposed guest: Katie Felton of Hashable.

Segment 2: ????

Also: ReCap of PhotoCampMilwaukee2?

Web414 May 2011 Meeting

Any ideas for topics or guests?

If I had some, I forgot about them, and should dig through my email.

This will be the last Web414 before MilwaukeeDevHouse6, PhotoCampMilwaukee2, and DrawCamp2, so we should mention those events.

Need help?


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