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Web414 Donations


Web414 Donations

I was wondering how School Factory handles donations to Web414.  Maybe James or Pete know something on this and could describe it to me.  If I were to talk with someone about making monetary donations what would I need to know and they need to know about the donation, 501c3 status, ability to deduct the donation, etc.

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In the past we've said that "Web414 is a program of Bucketworks, which is a non-profit organization" and the money would go directly to Bucketworks. (James may prefer it goes to The School Factory now though, not sure... I think that's a minor detail.) This is pretty much what we do for BarCamp as well.

The other thing they always tell me is that there is a $250 threshold. Meaning, if an organization donates $250 or more, they can be issued a receipt showing their donation (for tax purposes) but for donations under that amount, there is no receipt. (They can still claim it, but the amount is small, so not as much of a concern.)

Anyway, that's what I know based on what people told me. :)

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