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Cash/checks for tickets = $750.00

Credit card sales after processing fees = $431.09

Donations = $50.00

TOTAL = $1231.09



Venue = $800

License = $300

TOTAL = $1100


At least, this is what I know of... Gretchen, can you please let me know the amount taken in by the donation bucket? Also, I need your receipt for the photocopying.

Good show everyone!

Updates, Meetings, Projects

Hey Patrick!

I hope your trip to Scotland was amazing!  The pictures on facebook look fantastic.  I'm glad to have you back in the states though!

Okay I'm going to bullet point this to make sure I cover everything:

"Greater Tuna"
-Any updates concerning Samuel French and the rights issue?
-Everything is moving forward with "Greater Tuna" - I stopped into rehearsal tonight.  They are doing a run tomorrow with costumes!
-Any receipts for purchases have been kept!

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Summer Calendar Meeting 5/18/11

World's Stage Summer Calendar Meeting
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Present: Allie Babich, Eric Schabla, Patrick Schley

Two projects in development for this summer:

  • [title of show] - project leads: Allie & Kelley
  • Greater Tuna - project lead: Eric

What we need to do

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Summer 2011

There has been some discussion about what The World's Stage might do during Summer of 2011. I know that there is one production that a few people have expressed some enthusiasm for. Allie/Kelley, let's talk here on Atrium about what that project is and how we can make it happen.

Summer of 2011 should also include some plans for the future of The World's Stage and its relationship with The School Factory, so that discussion should start happening here as well.

Sales Report 7/29/10

Sales Report 7/28/10

Sales for THE STAR-SPANGLED GIRL as of July 28, 2010 3:01 AM

Event Value: $36.04

Sales for July 30, 2010 8:00 PM: 3

Sales for General price level: 3
Purchased Tickets: 3
Box Office Tickets: 0

Sales for July 31, 2010 4:00 PM: 1

Sales for General price level: 1
Purchased Tickets: 1
Box Office Tickets: 0

Sales for July 31, 2010 8:00 PM: 0

Sales for General price level: 0
Purchased Tickets: 0
Box Office Tickets: 0

Friday Night at Bucketworks

So i'm no Allie Babich, but today is Friday July 23rd and we OPEN IN A WEEK! allie has checked out (for now) and its just Eric Ted Gretchen me and Chris, Jorge (our amazing production staff! working hard and building the set) and occasionally liz.

We started off rehearsal with running the end of the show, and then starting from scratch and running till intermission. It was the first run with MOST of the props, we still have to hunt down many more! anyone have tiny kumquats?! And we even threw in a few sound cue's here and there.

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Wrap-up Meeting for In Tandem

Star-Spangled Girl Rehearsal (B)log

Captain's Log, day 2. Or 3.

After finding the proper website, password, and hopefully the right venue, it is time to document today's rehearsal.

It was our third day of gathering as a cast, but also our first day rehearsing at Bucketworks.

We started with a photoshoot, which was quite fun. Eric Schabla worked his wizarding magic to adapt the flourescent and natural light with his fancy camera that is called Betty. The pictures turned out pretty fantastic, or at least they looked great on the tiny digital screen. I can't wait to see them in all their glory!

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What is our perpetuation plan?

When the school years change, and members of the World's Stage move on to college and elsewhere, we need to make sure we've found new members to take over and continue the program. How will we do this?

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