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Task: Meeting

Hello all -

I'm wondering if it would be possible for folks to gather at some point in the near future and discuss what's next. I'd like to discuss some small projects we could do this year and perhaps a summer season. For instance, I spoke to Laura Troshynski recently about directing a production of Greater Tuna. Also, a few people have talked to me about getting involved with TWS and I would like to bring them in on the meeting. Let's try to set something up. What dates work for people?

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We never got around to post-mortem-ing the summer, so we definitely need to do that before talking about future plans. Eric, do you want to spearhead the organization of people for this purpose? I am free most evenings and can also coordinate James' schedule.


I agree with all of the above.  Thanks Eric for getting this started and posting something!  I was actually just thinking about this the other day - so thank you!

We really do need to have a post-show meeting and discuss future plans for TWS - what's going to happen next year, etc...  I agree with Eric that we need to have another meeting too - I have also been approached by multiple people with project ideas and new people wanting to get involved with us. 

Patrick - do weekends (any time) work at all (or are you just free most week-nights)?  I know that most week nights a lot of us will be tied up the next few weeks.  When are we looking at having this meeting?