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Brainstorm potential venue options

Task: Brainstorm potential venue options

Where can we have this show? What small-ish venues in town would be good for it? Comment with your thoughts. Feel free to contact these places to find out about availability & price and then leave your findings here.

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According to Michael Cotey the Pritzlaff space costs them $1,500 for the entire months of May & June, which is pretty damn cheap. He's going to connect me with the appropriate party at Gravity Marketing, which controls the space. Apparently they're going to be raising prices soon, but hopefully we can still get in there cheaply. Maybe they'll match In Tandem's rate for me? We'll see.

The space is raw, but it'd be easy to do [tos] in there. We'd need to bring in a sound system, which we have at Bucketworks. Lighting is another issue, though. I bet we could piece something together.

More to come!



Kira and I visited the Pritzlaff Building this past week. It is a cool space, but raw - as I expected. We'd need to find chairs (Youngblood has some, but idunno if we can borrow them) and lights. I also don't know how good the temperature controls are.

Some photos are attached - let me know what you think.

James suggested that we also contact Carte Blanche Studios, down the street from Bucketworks. I'll get in touch with them ASAP to set up a tour.