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Updates, Meetings, Projects


Updates, Meetings, Projects

Hey Patrick!

I hope your trip to Scotland was amazing!  The pictures on facebook look fantastic.  I'm glad to have you back in the states though!

Okay I'm going to bullet point this to make sure I cover everything:

"Greater Tuna"
-Any updates concerning Samuel French and the rights issue?
-Everything is moving forward with "Greater Tuna" - I stopped into rehearsal tonight.  They are doing a run tomorrow with costumes!
-Any receipts for purchases have been kept!
-Posters have been designed and advertising is being taken care of
-Box office manager and stage manager have been set for all performances
-I just discussed the programs tonight with the cast - so, that will be taken care of soon.
-Anything else???

-We have mailed out "donation-ask" letters to a bunch of businesses - so that is exciting! We are still in the process of doing follow up calls.
-We have ALREADY received $50 check made out to School Factory for Culvers in Shorewood! (plus free ice cream coupons!)  So, let me know when/where to drop that off to put in our account
-I would love to set up a meeting to discuss applying for some grants - I checked into a few, and I know a lot of deadlines are coming up for the end of the year.  I think it would be a really beneficial next step for The World's Stage Theatre Company
-Have you gotten a chance to look into IndieGoGo fundraising site (posted on Atrium "Fundraising" Case) - I would be happy to look over it, I would just need the account part to be set up to go into our paypal account with Bucketworks.

-I am in the preliminary planning phase for a production of "Earnest" - we are getting new actors from the theatre community!  We have a for sure committed cast and director (Peter Reeves actually!) who are all very excited about the project.  (If you would like the cast list - I'd be happy to provide it!)
-A lot of the logistics things (costume, set, etc.) shouldn't be too much of an issue since we had it taken care of before - we would just have to reconnect with Sunset (set) and The Rep (Costumes)
-Space! - We are hoping to do it in the Studio Theatre at the Broadway Theatre Center.  I've established contact with the people over there just to see date availability and toss around ideas. 
**I am hoping some November dates are available - there are no performances (Chamber, Skylight, Renaissance) scheduled for two weekends in mid-Nov.  However, do you know how early those companies need to move in for tech?  It would be a tight squeeze but I am really hoping something can be worked out!
**I am hoping to set up a meeting with them, you (I know you are also the house manager over there, so that would be perfect!), Peter, and myself.  Thoughts?

Organizational Aspects!
-I am in the process of drafting up agreement contracts: Performer, Direct, Project Leader, Technical
-I am also in the process of creating an organizational template for productions and some sort of "director checklist/time-frame"
-Just general organizational things (advertising contact sheets, website, etc.)

Just wanted to give you some updates!
Hope to hear back soon!  Can't wait to hear all about Scotland too!

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  • Everything has been taken care of with Samuel French. Sue Carlson of our business support team is handling the payment, so we are all set.
  • I'll need to train the box office manager(s) on the ticketing system. Can you let me know who they are?
  • I'd love to see what the program looks like! Can someone post a PDF here?


  • You can drop off the check at MYAC and I can send it to Sue C. Just leave it with the front desk in an envelope with my name on it. BW office hours are come-and-go at the moment since James is traveling.
  • I haven't had a chance to look at that site - once the show is over and James is back we can talk with him (and probably Sue) about this and other options.

New projects:

  • I probably won't be able to make a daytime meeting; please take lots of notes and post them on Atrium for all to review.

Organizational planning:

  • Grace sent me some thoughts for a director contract; I have them in my FS work e-mail so I'll post them as a blog on Monday and you can add your thoughts as well.




Greater Tuna:
-Awesome! I am so glad we what all worked out.  Do we have to pay for rights up-front or are we paying after the production?  Also, do we have an estimated cost?
-That is a question you should direct to Eric - the project leader.  (I do believe it is Laura's mom, but I would double check with Laura and Eric).
-Once I have the program - it will be posted.  Any requirements from your end/bucketworks that have to be in the program?  (besides the fiscally sponsered 501(c)3 stuff and of course thank yous to bukcetworks, etc.)
**Eric - I sent you an email reminder.  Please get me the information for the program asap.  I can't start the programs till I have what I discussed with last week.

-Since it is getting so close to Greater Tuna - I'll give you the check at one of the performances to deposit into The World's Stage account.
-Alright! Sounds good.  Yeah, I would really like to start a big fundraising push and look into grant options (since we "technically" do have this 501(c)3 status through Bucketworks/School Factory.  Let's utilize it!).

New Projects:

-I'll take notes and get you the specifics once I know them after the meeting.

-Sounds good. I look forward to seeing the contract and working on it.
-Also, I will be sending out an email/post on Atrium (hopefully soon) to discuss how we can move forward with The World's Stage, and addressing how people might move on from the company (with other exciting and important things, committments, and college - out of state colleges!).

Thanks!  Hope to hear back soon!
Let this week begin!!!



The cost of the rights was $300. Sue has already taken care of payment. 

Laura called today, her mom is covering Bxo and I will train her Friday night. I'll be there Friday night and potentially Sunday, I have a FS committment Saturday night. 

Other than the Samuel French acknowledgement, please include the following:

The World's Stage is a fiscally sponsored program of School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. The School Factory's mission is to create value-creating communities and spaces that transform education. To find out more about how we're changing what's normal about school, visit


Hi Patrick!

Sounds good.  I will see you Friday then (and possibly Sunday). 

The Samuel French acknoledgemnt has been included: "Produced with special arrangement through Samuel French, Inc."

I already went to print with the programs before I saw this post.  I knew to include the fiscally sponsered out of school factory stuff. And we have thank yous to Bucketworks, (you) and James and everyone else.... etc.

This is what I have in the program regarding School Factory (just as it has been listed in past promotional material and programs + listing our past shows).
"The World's Stage is an emerging theatre company with a growing base of aspiring artists from southeastern Wisconsin. The World's Stage was founded in 2009. We are a fiscally-sponsored program of School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  Past shows include - an original collaboration using scenes from Shakespeare, “A Little More Than Kin”, Neil Simon’s “Star Spangled Girl”, and “Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Abridged”."

I hope that is okay - I just went with what we normally had put in the past in our programs in regards to Bucketworks and School Factory.  We of course acknoledged that we are fiscally sponsered by School Factory.
We can provide more information about School Factory by our "guest book" and our donation information "table-set up" ?

Thanks so much!

Here are the programs!!!  I'm really excited (I hope it converted okay - its in a word document).  I went ahead and got all the information I needed from Laura and the program printing has all been taken care of.  I have the receipt for reimbursment for 120 programs.  If we need more we can always print more.  I called to compare prices and went with Office Max - they were EXTREMELY cheaper than Kinkos.

Need help?


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